‘Survive The Raft’ Social Experiment Series Lands At Discovery Channel & Max

Discovery Channel is getting in on the Max action with a new social experiment series.

The cable network has ordered Survive the Raft, which also will premiere on the rebranded streamer in July.

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The nine-episode series was inspired by Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés’ 1973 behavioral study that observed whether humans from diverse cultures and backgrounds could set aside their differences and work together during a 101-day voyage on the Acali.

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Produced near Panama’s Pearl Islands, the series follows nine contestants who set sail on the Acali II for twenty-one days to test whether personal interest will sabotage the team’s chance to win a fortune together. With each successful mission, the team earns money towards a communal cash pot that will be divided equally by those who make it to the end. Every week, participants are tasked with completing physical and intellectual challenges designed to disrupt and divide the group. At the end of each episode, the crew of the Acali II are given the option to continue as a group, or swap one of their own for a new participant. Will the good for all outweigh the good for one?

The series is hosted by U.S Army Green Beret, NFL football player and actor, Nate Boyer.

Survive the Raft is produced by Catfish producer Critical Content.