• Tom Forman
    Tom Forman
  • Jenny Daly
    Jenny Daly
    President Critical Content Studios
  • Christoph Pachler
    Christoph Pachler
    Managing Director & CFO
  • Tony Yates
    Tony Yates
    EVP, Head of Production
  • Rob Lobl
    Rob Lobl
    EVP, Development
  • Jon Beyer
    Jon Beyer
    EVP, Current Productions
  • Stefanie Gelinas
    Stefanie Gelinas
    SVP, Development
  • Matthew Wrablik
    Matthew Wrablik
    SVP, Development
  • Ray Ricord
    Ray Ricord
    SVP, Scripted Development
  • Scott Schwartz
    Scott Schwartz
    Head of Post Production
  • Emile Nicolaou
    Emile Nicolaou
    EVP Business & Legal Affairs

Board of Directors

Al Aguirre
Frank Biondi*
Tom Forman
Chad Gutstein

Mark Itkin
John Sykes
Lauren Zalaznick

* We are terribly saddened to learn about the passing of our friend and Board member Frank Biondi. Frank was terrific executive and an invaluable advisor to Critical Content. We will miss him, his counsel, and his great humanity.